Tim Grove recently wrote a small article that appeared in the April 22, 2012 edition of the Washington Post. This tirade appeared to be triggered by the recent opening of the American Indian Museum, the proposed opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in 2015, a Latino museum pending congressional approval, and a proposed Women’s History Museum.

"Couldn’t the NMAAHC have been a wing of the Museum of American History?" Grove writes. "Now a Latino Museum is on the horizon, pending congressional approval. And do we need a Women’s History Museum? When does the splintering stop? Does the Museum of American History become the white man’s history museum?"

He goes on to say, “Sadly, while museums have tried valiantly to diversify audiences and attract more people of color, there are cultural habits that are hard to change. Some demographics don’t tend to spend leisure time in museums. I wonder about the attendance at a Latino museum.”